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Top 10 Upwork Cover Letter Sample To Get Respond

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The best Upwork Cover Letter Calls To Action! I’ve written thousands of Upwork Proposals, and these are the best Call To Action that I’ve found. Remember, when sending your Upwork Proposals, you’re not trying to get hired. A single message doesn’t make sense.

What you are trying to do is get them to respond to you. And here are the Best Upwork Cover Letter Samples that I’ve found. For each one, I will also talk through why exactly they work. Also Read: 6 Best Ways To Generate Passive Income Online

10 Best Upwork Cover Letter Templates To Get Hired Quickly

#1. Be A Guide

Upwork Cover Letter Sample 1

If it sounds like a good fit, then let’s connect today. Here’s how:

-Click the green “Send A Message” button.

-Send me a message, and feel free to let me know any other details you think might be relevant.

-Press the green “Schedule A Meeting” button and choose a time for a zoom meeting.

Most Clients Aren’t Experts

This Upwork Cover Letter Sample is tried and true. Understand that not every client is an expert on Upwork and knows what they should be doing. For the most part, it’s the opposite. Most Upwork Clients don’t know what comes next or what they should do.

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So, you’re guiding them and giving them the exact next steps they should take if they want to go forward with you. One thing you’ve got to know about this one is that you need to have your calendar configured and linked to Upwork. Otherwise, none of this is going to work.

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#2. The Classic: One-Liner

Upwork Cover Letter Sample 2

To Move Forward, the best next step would be to meet on a quick Zoom to chat more about the project and see if we’re a good fit.

Just message me below, and we’ll get it set up.

Some clients don’t like to have to read through multiple steps. So try this straightforward one out and see how it performs.

#3. Shoot Me A Message

Upwork Cover Letter Sample 3

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Please shoot me a message, and let’s get together!

“Simple is Beautiful,” this Upwork Cover Letter Sample is straightforward, bare-bones, and straight to the point. You’re not messing around, and you’re not writing a long-long-long message of like, here’s what, here’s everything that you have to do, and here’s what you have to think about. No! It is direct to the point, as quickly as you can.

#4. The Casual Bait

Upwork Cover Letter Sample 4

Want to learn more about how we can get this done?

Shoot me a message, and we’ll talk more!

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This one is perfect when you’ve hinted in your Upwork Cover Letter about what you can do for the client. But you haven’t given them 100% of exactly what they need to go run off and do it themselves. They’ve got to speak with you, and that’s the next step. Also Read: 6 Best Ways To Make Money On Instagram ($1000/Month)

Then you spice it up by pointing them to saying, “Yeah, send me a message and we’ll talk about the next logical steps in working together!” This one is great for creating intrigue and getting people to take that extra step with you.

#5. Free For A Call Now?

Upwork Cover Letter Sample 5

I’d love to get together to discuss your project and what’s important to you.

Are you free for a call right now?

With this Upwork Cover Letter Sample, we’re taking advantage of the moment. There’s no time like the present. You’re also showing you’re focused on what’s important to them, to that client, and that you are doing a great job on this.

So, you’ve got to meet up and talk through more. But you also work with a little bit of urgency. We’re not saying, “Hey, let’s do a call next week, or let’s do a call three weeks from now.” That is going to kill it for you. Instead, you’re jumping on the moment, and if that client happens to be online, they might jump on a call with you right now.

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That is like a mega win because if you were the first person they talk to and you can do the job, they like you and say, “Okay! Let’s go forward together!” They will not be talking to anybody else and will be working with you already.

#6. Can You Get Together Today To Discuss This?

Upwork Cover Letter Sample 6

Can you get Together Today to Discuss the Project? I have a few spots this afternoon at 1:00 PM, 2:30 PM, and 4:00 PM EST.

Just let me know what works, and we’ll set it up!

Same principle here in this Upwork Cover Letter Sample, Nothing beats getting in touch with a client faster than anybody else because choosing a freelancer is often like finding something you lost in your house. It’s always in the last place you look because after you find it, you stop looking.

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One thing about this, though, is that you’ve got to personalize it to your time zone, what times you work, and what time you are available that day. Because you don’t want them to say, “Hey, let’s get on a call, and you’re not available!” So you want to provide multiple specific times you can meet spread out over a day. Ideally, that day, Is today!

#7. Complete Schedule

Upwork Cover Letter Sample 7

My schedule is packed this coming week, but I can meet now!

Are you available for a quick chat?

This Upwork Cover Letter Sample is marvelous if you have the Upwork App installed and want to win clients whose time zone is not too far from yours because you’ll see when they respond. So long as you’re awake, you can get together and hop on a call exceptionally quickly.

You can also add something here to the effect of:

Otherwise, Shoot me a message, And I will continue my scheduling link to set up a time.

Just bear in mind that you are watering down your call to action by giving them a way out and allowing them to meet with you a little later or another time. Realistically your best bet is if they are online and they have seen your message, then you want them on the phone, and you want them on Zoom right now.

#8. Here’s What We’ll Talk About

Upwork Cover Letter Sample 8

The Next step would be to set up a call, where we’ll cover the following:

-Your current situation

-Where you want to be

-How I can potentially help you get there.

It’s always helpful for clients to know the road ahead with you. You can give them a couple of the subjects you’ll cover on the call that you’ll do to personalize this to yourself, bear in mind. Not only will that get them thinking, but they’ll also get more mentally invested in potentially working with you.

Because you’ve asked them some thought-provoking questions that get their mind running and get them thinking, “Hey, what about this thing that we’re going to be talking about!” Also Read: 10 Small Businesses You Can Start In The Recession

The more engagement, the better off you are! One real Ninja Tip on this Upwork Cover Letter Sample, customize those bullet points of what you’ll cover on a call to the most important topics you will typically need to scope your job entirely.

For Example, if we’re talking about a Video Editor Job, follow this:

-How long is the resulting video that you’re looking for

-What sort of style

-Are there any specific channels or videos that you like and that you want to emulate in this job

For a Graphic Designer: 

-What exactly are we looking for as a deliverable

-What kind of file outputs do you need

-Is there a specific color scheme or brand book that you’re going to be needing to follow

These kinds of things are what you want to personalize those bullet points so that when you get on a call, the client is already ready precisely with the things you’re going to need to be able to tell them. By the end of the call, “Okay, Yep! I have an idea of how long it will take and how much it will be!” 

When you do this correctly, by the end of the call, the client should be able to press that green “HIRE” button, and you should be able to get straight to work.

#9. Ratchet Up The Pressure (Advanced)

Upwork Cover Letter Sample 9

My plate is filling up, but I have two spots left.

I think there could be a fit here. So why don’t we hop on a call to discuss your needs?

I can hold a spot for you either later today at 3:30 PM or tomorrow at 11:00 AM. Does either of those times work for you?

I’m looking forward to it.

This Upwork Cover Letter Sample is a little bit advanced. In some above examples, we’re talking about things we wanted to do on this specific day, called “Urgency.” In this case, we’re talking about scarcity, where you don’t have enough time to sit down and meet.

You are a time-limited individual who is in high demand. It is a scarcity tactic, and it can be very effective if you have a bit of experience and do great work. Also Read: Best 5 Side Hustles With Your Car To Make Money

It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you put in a lot of work on your profile and your work examples, it can be a powerhouse and get meetings booked.

#10. It’ll Only Take A Few Minutes

Upwork Cover Letter Sample 10

Why don’t we hop on a quick call and talk about what you’re looking for? I should be able to get you an answer on whether we’re a fit with just a few minutes of chat.

Lots of clients are looking for things fast. Pointing to the fact that you’ll be able to quickly give them an answer about their job can be a great way to be the first person to get them on a quick call or exchange messages with you.

Be careful with this Upwork Cover Letter Sample, though, because when you get on a quick call with people, and it’s going well, people often want to go longer because they feel like they found the right person and want to ask you everything. Also Read: 3 Books To Learn How To Get Rich & Become Wealthy

So you don’t want to be giving away your time for free. You’ve got to limit the amount of time you spend on that call to make sure that at some point in time, you will press the green “HIRE” button and start tracking time for the advice and expertise that you’re giving.

Top 10 Upwork Cover Letter Sample To Get Respond - Investocker
10 Best Upwork Cover Letter Sample To Get Clients Respond Investocker

What you are trying to do is get them to respond to you. And here are the Best Upwork Cover Letter Samples that I've found. For each one, I will also talk through why exactly they work. Also Read: 6 Best Ways To Generate Passive Income Online


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