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8 Best Side Hustles To Earn Extra Money 2024

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If you could find a use for an extra few thousand dollars per month, you’ll want to pay attention. There are countless ways to earn extra money aside from your main job to help you pay off debt, save for future purchases, or aggressively invest.

These side businesses don’t require a massive chunk of money for a startup, extensive education, or other requirements, and the hourly pay can be shocking.

Take a look at these simple business ideas that will help you bring in thousands of extra dollars each month. Who knows, you might even decide to quit your job and pursue them full-time.

#1. Cleaning Cars

Cleaning Cars can be an extremely lucrative business. People need their cars cleaned and more time to take care of this chore. They could take it to the car wash between their time at work and running errands, but that is not only inconvenient, but it’s expensive for the quality of service you receive. Because it needs to provide a thorough cleaning.

Consequently, many people would rather pay an individual to do a proper cleaning while they’re off doing something else. You can offer this service from your home, or you could be mobile and travel to your customers’ cars, performing the service while at work or home.

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Washing a vehicle doesn’t take an exceptionally long time, but customers will pay good money for a quality wash. As you gain experience and expand your services, you can begin offering upgrades with excellent profit margins.

#2. House Cleaning

House Cleaners have a stigma for being unskilled and earning low pay, but that’s not the case. If you’re willing to get your hands dirty or hard-working and have an eye for detail, this can be an incredibly profitable Endeavor.

Busy working families who need more time or energy to scrub their toilets and mop their floors when they get home are happy to pay for this service to enjoy a clean and comfortable space. Many elderly people also need someone to clean their homes as they often cannot handle the task themselves.

Further, property owners who rent their homes on a short-term basis on sites like “Airbnb” and “Vrbo,” also need reliable and thorough cleaners to prepare their property for new guests by doing laundry, making beds, and restocking Goods. Reliable and rigorous cleaners are critical to their success, and they’re willing to pay for a good service.

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This can be hard work, so don’t think you can just stroll around with a duster and call it a day. Also Read: 6 Best Ways To Generate Passive Income Online

#3. Market Services

You’d be surprised how many business owners are willing to pay for someone to Market their services. Traditionally, entrepreneurs would advertise in the newspaper or by sending mailers, but that type of material has gone by the wayside.

Savvy business owners are reaching clients online, creating a need for social media marketers. Older business owners, in particular, are unlikely to manage online advertising, but the need for reaching new and existing clients still stands.

Take a Home Improvement Company, for example; they sell High ticket Services commonly exceeding tens of thousands of dollars per job. So paying someone to handle their online presence is money well spent. You can do this work from the comfort of your home, frequently on your own schedule, making it incredibly flexible for someone working another job.

There is a wide range of services you can offer to business owners. And as you become a better marketer, you can charge much higher rates for your expertise. Also Read: 5 Best Business Ideas To Start With Zero Money (2023)

#4. House Photoshoot

Having professional photos when selling a house makes it much easier to sell a property quickly and for top dollar. Yet, many real estate agents take pictures of their listings with a low-quality camera, resulting in dark, crooked, grainy, and unclear photos.

This causes potential buyers to overlook the listing they see on “Zillow” or other Real Estate websites. Well-Clear, Bright, and High-Quality pictures could drum up much more activity, creating a winning situation.

Someone with access to a professional camera who knows how to use it effectively can get paid for professional photos with the possibility of add-on Services.

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Photo shoots for a standard-size property generate a good chunk of money, but the add-on Services make the job even better. Floor plans, 3D tours, video walkthroughs, and drone content significantly increase the profit potential.

#5. Pet or Dog Sitter

Pet Services has been increasing in demand for many years. Constantly creating new opportunities to capitalize on the craze. Pet owners want specialized attention for their animals. They often pay a pet sitter to either stay at their home and watch their pet or pay for their pet to stay at the sitter’s home while they travel.

For pet owners, it’s a much better alternative than paying a high price for their pet to be locked in a kennel with dozens of other animals until they return from their travels.

Those who enjoy spending time with animals can earn a significant amount of money whether they decide to bring pets into their home or stay in someone else’s. Housing more than one animal could allow you to earn excellent pay while still providing Specialized Care.

#6. Dog Walker

Expanding on Pet Services, Dog Walking is an excellent way to generate income in as little as an hour. For dog lovers, what could be better than spending your day exercising in the fresh air and playing fetch in the park?

Dog owners often hire someone to walk their dogs while at work, so their companions don’t have to spend the entire day cooped up in the house. The Dog Walker might take a stroll around the neighborhood, take a walk to the park, or even hike, making for happy owners and tired dogs.

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It sounds like a part-time job for a student, but the pay is surprising for how much time is spent working. You could walk more than one dog at a time, increasing your income. And you could stagger your dog walking schedule to fill your day if desired.

#7. Personal Assistant

Whether it’s helping the elderly or a busy working family, these people often need help from a personal assistant with their household chores. Working Families don’t have much time left over after they spend their week at work and raising kids.

Elderly individuals might not have the energy or physical capacity to complete everything on their to-do lists. This means they need someone to drive them to appointments, pick up medication, take them grocery shopping, out to lunch, or help with chores inside the home.

Busy families might need someone to go grocery shopping, bring the dog to the groomer, pick the kids up from school, do laundry, prepare meals, help kids with homework, and virtually anything else around the house. This is like a nanny position, but the needs will vary based on the family or individual, and it is an excellent job for those who like making a personal connection.

#8. Pressure Washer

Getting a hold of a pressure washer could enable you to clean the exterior of people’s homes, decks, patios, driveways, and walkways and get paid a pretty penny for doing so. Most people need access to a pressure washer, never mind the time to use it.

Creating a need for someone with the proper equipment, knowledge, and ambition. In addition to Residential Properties, businesses like restaurants, gas stations, retail stores, and others need their parking lots and sidewalks cleaned to help keep them safe and presentable to customers.

As time goes on, these surfaces get dirty, creating the need for someone to care for the grime to keep these properties looking their best. Once the neighbors see you doing the house next door, they might want you to do theirs next.


Bringing in hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month can be used for many things like digging your way out of debt, saving for a considerable expense, or investing.

There are endless ways to bring in some extra income that can suit various skill levels, interests, and schedules. And they only require you to spend some wicking seconds working.

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You’d be surprised at how easy some of these can be and how much money you can earn. You might decide to quit your job and pursue the business full-time.

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