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The Cash Envelope System Of Budgeting for Beginners (2024)

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People usually use their Credit Cards to shop, travel, and do many other things. When it’s easy to spend money, you end up with many bills at the end of the month. You’ll end up with no money in the bank and a lot of Debt, resulting in mental stress.

If this sounds like you, luckily, there’s an easier way to stick to your Budget. The Cash Envelope System is a game-changer, and I think it’s the best way to get your Budget back on track.

So, keep reading until the end if you want to know how this system works and what the benefits are.

We’re going to discuss a Budgeting System called “Cash Envelope.” As the name suggests, all you need to get started with the “Cash Envelope System” is Cash and an Envelope.

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But to do this, you need to know how it works and what to keep in mind when you start the Cash Envelope System. So, let’s jump right into the question of who should use the Cash Envelope System.

Who Should Use The Cash Envelope System?

The Cash Envelope System is excellent for people who want to stop spending too much money on unnecessary things. Even more so if you have been using Credit Cards and Debit Cards.

When you spend Cash, you are more likely to feel the effects of what you are doing. People who tend to spend too much with credit and debit cards need to develop this emotional response to spending.

What Are The Benefits Of Cash Envelope System?

Many people have found that Cash Envelopes are a helpful tool. You have more control over how much you spend, and it’s also easier to stick to your rules. When all the money’s gone, there is nothing left to spend.

There are many reasons to start using the Cash Envelope Budgeting System. Here are some of my favorite Benefits of Using Cash Envelope:

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Benefit Number 1: It Allows You To Spend Money

People don’t always stick to their budgets because they are too strict. They always think about not spending money, which is a significant change from how they used to handle money.

That’s what’s different about using cash envelopes. You can spend the money on the envelopes because that’s why it’s there. With Cash, tracking where the money goes each month is more accessible.

Starting the month, all the money is put into the different envelope categories, so you know how much goes to each line item. This makes you figure out your monthly costs before you spend the money, so you are less likely to spend more than you should.

Instead of figuring out how to spend your money as you go, your whole paycheck is planned out for you.

Benefit Number 2: It Starts Your Emergency Savings Account

Now that you know where all your money is going, it’s much easier to open a savings account for emergencies. If you want, you can put away a certain amount each month in an envelope.

As your emergency fund grows, you can move the money to a bank account to build a strong safety net. When you have an emergency fund, you don’t have to worry much about money.

A small money emergency doesn’t have to be a big deal if you have some cash saved.

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Benefit Number 3: It Keeps You From Wasting Money

Part of why the Cash Envelope System is so popular is that it makes transactions clear. You can figure out where your money is going.

Before every purchase, you must look in your envelopes to ensure you have enough Cash. As your money runs out, you’ll start to question purchases you used to make without thinking.

You’ll be much better off financially if you cut out just a few weekly purchases. If you don’t waste money, it’s like getting a raise at work. With this system, you’ll buy less stuff you don’t need.

Benefit Number 4: It Helps Keep You Accountable

This method is an excellent reminder that you are the only one in charge of how much money you spend. As I mentioned above, when the Cash in the envelope runs out, you will be more careful, and this will keep you from overspending in most cases.

The envelope helps you keep track of what you need to do. If no money is left in the envelope, you’ve spent all the money you were allowed for that category.

Being responsible with your money will also help you be responsible in other areas of your life. You might eat healthier foods and work out at home to save money and take care of yourself.

Benefit Number 5: It Helps Create A Realistic Budget

If you spend your money without planning, you probably don’t know how much you spend in each budget category. Before using the Cash Envelope System, I assumed I spent about $200 a month on restaurants and eating out.

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This included coffee in the morning, lunch at work, and going out on the weekend. When I sat down and did the math, I was shocked that I spent more than $800 a month eating out.

I didn’t keep track of it, so I never knew. After the shock wore off, I was able to make a budget that made sense. However, if I had gone straight to $200 a month on eating out, I might have failed and given up.

Instead, you should figure out where you are now and work slowly toward your goals. First, set aside $600, then $400, and so on until you reach your goal budget of $200 per month.

Benefit Number 6: You Don’t Miss Payments

By making a plan for your money for the month, you can set money aside or pay bills in full. You’re not making up for the lost time. Before the Cash Envelope System can work, recurring bills need to be paid.

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You need to know how much money you still have to put in suitable envelopes. Since you aren’t using a credit or debit card, you don’t have to worry about losing a receipt or keeping track of them. The money is like a second check.

The money is still gone even if you forget to write down a purchase. This differs from electronic transactions, which can take up to two days to post. We’ve already discussed who the Cash Envelope System is for and its Benefits.

How To Start Cash Envelopes System For Budgeting?

I’ve shared some Tips for Getting Started with Cash Envelope System For Budgeting:

Step 1: Keep Track Of Expenses Before You Start

Before you start using cash envelopes, it’s a good idea to keep track of your spending for a month. You can keep track of this by looking at your electronic transactions, saving your receipts, or even making a spreadsheet.

Tracking is the first step you need to take to learn about your money habits and where you are in your budgeting.

Step 2: Categorize Your Expenses

After keeping track of your spending for a few weeks, it’s time to break it down into categories. These are the parts of your Budget that you will list. But not every category will turn into a Cash Envelope.

For example, you don’t need to put Cash in an envelope if you can pay your utility bills and rent by direct deposit.

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Step 3: Set Limits On Categories

Once you’ve decided how the money will be spent, it’s time to set limits for each category. It is easiest to look at the spreadsheet you made while keeping track of the costs.

You may want to keep the same amount of money you spend in some categories but less or more in others. It generally takes three to four months to figure out how much you spend in each category.

Don’t worry if you want to change them in the first few months until you find something that works. You can also choose whether you want to get Cash for the envelopes every month, every two months, or every week.

Depending on how much Cash you have, you might not want to instantly have all of your grocery money for the month in Cash.

Step 4: Try Different Ways To Organize Your Envelopes

Budget tight? You can put your Cash in plain office envelopes. If you have a little more room in your Budget, you can choose envelopes that are made for this method.

There are even wallets that are made just for cash envelopes. As you work with money more, you’ll learn what to look for in a system.

Step 5: Don’t Take All The Envelopes Everywhere

If it makes you nervous about bringing all your envelopes, why not leave some at home? If you’re going to the grocery store, you may know you won’t have to spend any money on fun.

For couples, it may make the most sense to keep the main categories of envelopes in one place so that whoever needs them can grab the envelope and put it back when they’re done.


So with a bit of adjustment, you can easily change your spending habits to be more mindful of your purchasing. Cash envelopes are a simple and cheap way to see and feel how much money you have.

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You can easily change Cash Envelope Budgeting System to fit your needs through trial and error. It works for single people, couples, and families, no matter how much money they make, as long as they stick to it.

If you want to learn more about expenses, don’t forget to check out another article I’ve shared, “6 Expenses That Might Keep You Poor.”

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