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10 Best Money-Saving Hacks (How to Save Money?)

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If you’re frugal like me and like to Save Money wherever possible, this is the article for you! I’ve compiled some of my favorite Money-Saving Hacks that help you Save Money, regardless of your income level. Some of these are simple, and some of them might be a bit challenging. But, if you implement just a few of these, you’ll notice an improvement in your savings rate over time.

Money-Saving Hack #1. Prepare Meals At Home

People overpay for food by hundreds of dollars each month. To Save Money, you should make a meal plan before the start of the week. It ensures that you stay within your monthly budget. Make sure to prepare simple meals that you will enjoy. It helps you avoid stopping to grab something quick when you’re out and about.

There are a ton of YouTube Videos that can help you do delicious meal prep easily. For dinner, you can make a frozen chicken and tomato sauce into a chicken cacciatore. Add a few vegetables, onions, and peppers to make it sumptuous. In meal planning, prepare the items before going to the groceries so you know what to prepare that week.

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The secret to not blowing through your entire paycheck on groceries is always looking for ways to use what you already have rather than buying new ingredients weekly. The next time you go grocery shopping, make a list of everything in your pantry and freezer, then look for recipes that will use as many of those ingredients as possible, so you don’t have to buy a lot of new stuff.

Money-Saving Hack #2. Getting an HSA

One way to get out of paying the exorbitant cost of health insurance is by opening an HSA or a Health Savings Account. With an HSA, you may save money “Pre-Tax” to pay for medical expenses. So, if your tax bracket is 35%, you will save 35% on medical services. Awesome, right? The next time your plan is up for renewal, think about getting an HSA. It can also Save you Money on insurance because some plans charge low monthly premiums. 

If you are relatively healthy, you might want to switch to an HSA-qualified insurance plan to save Money. 

Money-Saving Hack #3. Disable Autofill Of Your Credit Card Info

Online shopping makes spending money these days super simple and convenient. On eBay, you can purchase anything with one click. But if you want to save and be financially successful in the future, remove all of your debit and credit card information from websites and online shops.

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To disable Credit Card autofill in Chrome, follow these steps:

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  1. Click the Three Dots menu in the top right corner. 
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Click autofill > Then payments. 
  4. Toggle off the save and fill payment methods.

After that, you will input your card info manually every time you purchase anything online. When you have to get up, take out your Credit Card, and manually input all the information, you are less likely to make an impulsive online purchase. Canceling and deleting credit card autofill is a terrific way to save your Hard-Earned Money in a world of one-click shopping.

Money-Saving Hack #4. Use Credit Card Points

Using Credit Cards can make you broke. But, if you know how to use a Credit Card properly, you can earn points and cash back bonuses. How does it work?

Credit Cards offer “Sign-Up Bonuses” or “Points” whenever you meet a minimum requirement. You can use those points for free travel, free hotels, or a profit back in your account. It encourages more people to sign up for Credit Cards. If used responsibly, you can earn some great credit card perks.

To be effective, keep track of your credit score. You must always pay off your credit card in full. Never Spend more than you have. Even though your Credit Card has a $4000 limit, and you get $750 back for free, don’t use those as an excuse to splurge on items like a brand-new television or five pairs of shoes to reach the required spending margin.

Money-Saving Hack #5. Perform A Reverse Image Search On Items

The majority of online retailers get their products from the same place. But some will charge you more than others. You can still buy something with the same style and quality at an affordable price.

Follow these two methods when buying online to Save Money:

First, when you choose something you want to buy, right-click the image and type in “Google This Image.” All websites that use the same image will appear.

You can browse through to discover the identical item advertised for less. Sometimes, this won’t work since merchants will take their photos. 

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The second way is to use the “SKU” number.

“SKU” stands for “Stock Keeping Unit” and is a number retailers use to track their inventory. Go to Google and place that SKU number in quotations to give you the exact search.

Then it will direct you to other websites with the same SKU number. Try this with anything you buy. You will be impressed with the number of Dollars you will save.

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Money-Saving Hack #6. Build A Capsule Wardrobe

A “Capsule Wardrobe” consists of timeless pieces of clothes that you can mix and match to create various looks. All you need for a capsule wardrobe are a few classic pieces in high-quality fabrics that fit you perfectly. And you will appear put-together and trendy. A good example is “Uniqlo.” They offer clothes that are basic, comfy, and always trendy. 

When assembling your capsule wardrobe, buy only high-quality items from natural materials like cotton, wool, and cashmere. Avoid synthetic materials since they are prone to tearing.

Money-Saving Hack #7. Avoid Bottled Water

Another suggestion for Saving Money is to avoid bottled water. If you travel a lot, you will always be cautious about the city’s water quality. And you will have to buy a lot of bottled water. Sometimes, you forget to bring water on your way to work. So you will buy bottled water for $1.50. It can quickly add up.

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A simple solution is to purchase a tumbler or a bottle with a built-in filter. If you are traveling, this type of bottle filters the water, saving you from purchasing bottled water. With this money-saving hack, you are hitting two birds with one stone. You are Saving Money as well as the environment.

Money-Saving Hack #8. Couponing

Most people think they are getting a better deal if you use coupons for $0.75 OFF two boxes of pudding. But do you need more pudding? If not, don’t get it. Just because you have a coupon doesn’t mean you need to buy something you normally wouldn’t. To make coupons worthwhile, ensure you find coupons that can save with items you need, like Soap, Toothpaste, or Shampoo.

Another example is “Black Friday.” You might think that there are fantastic discounts on Black Friday. But the truth is that these businesses are still profiting from you. They let you think you got a great deal from purchasing that TV for $150 or buying that designer shoes for $99. You are spending your Hard-Earned Money on unnecessary things.

Some people use coupons or sales and spend more than they can afford. Avoid buying things you don’t need.

Money-Saving Hacks #9. Preparing Your Coffee

Did you know that the average American spends $1,100 yearly on Coffee? More than 45% of 18 to 23-year-olds and 35% of 24 to 35-year-olds do the same. If you are serious about Saving Money, you must reduce or even avoid this purchase. Brewing your Coffee at home can save you A LOT of Money.

If you save $6 a day by brewing Coffee at home, you can put it in the “S&P 500.” This Money could grow to $1.3M in fifty-five years. You can transform that Iced Caramel Macchiato into a Million Dollars!

Making Coffee at home is simple. If you want to make it appear lavish, pour it into one of your fancy cups. Hundreds of YouTube tutorials can help you make delicious Coffee at home.

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Money-Saving Hack #10. Spend Less

I know; this seems obvious. But here are a few specific tactics to try out. First, try having a no-buy day at least once a week. A no-buy day is the same as a shopping detox. “To avoid getting hungry, preparation is necessary.” Food in the fridge is important. But on a day when you don’t buy anything, it’s a good method to clean up your spending patterns. With this, you become aware of the hidden reasons you spend Money.

Marketing, advertising, and consumer culture let you think you need to buy things to be happy. But, this is not true. You’re being used! Don’t spend your Hard-Earned Money. Try spending less time on your phone. Sometimes, when you use your phones, pop-up ads lead you to different shopping sites. It leads to impulse buying. 


Try to discipline yourself if you want to take Money-Saving seriously. And don’t forget that you can save more if you spend less.

As you can understand, these little Money-Saving Hacks might seem small or simple, but they can combine to be a big force for change in your financial life. Of course, there are many more Money-Saving Hacks out there than just these. Do you have any favorites you’d like to share? Could you post them in the comments below?

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