How to Start UPSC Preparation From Zero Level 2022

How to Start UPSC Preparation from Zero Level: In this article, we are going to talk about one important topic, How To Start UPSC Preparation from Zero Level? So many students want to ask this UPSC to become IAS or IPS either from the 10th class level or 12th standard or during graduation or after graduation. One important question they will think about is How To Start UPSC Preparation from Zero Level.

At what stage you are, you need to follow these steps to make it clear this UPSC. Because every year lakhs of aspirants appear for the Civil Service Examination. And many of them are at a very early stage, and hence they can prepare very well, and even better for UPSC Prelims and Mains. Also Read: How to Start Digital Marketing Business Online 2022?

Now, let us try to understand How To Start UPSC Preparation from zero level. I’m going to discuss this in very, very great detail. And even the students who are at present in the 10th or from 12th standard or graduation or after their graduation can easily understand these steps of How to Start UPSC Preparation from zero level. 

1. Get an Idea About UPSC Syllabus

First and the foremost thing that you need to do is to get an idea about the UPSC syllabus. I strongly suggest you take a printout of the syllabus of UPSC. Because, if you’re preparing for any exam, whether it may be State Public Service Exam or any other Central Government Exam, you have to go through the syllabus. The syllabus is key. 

 if you refer to the syllabus and if you mark up the syllabus, then you can structure the preparation. Why am I saying to mark up the syllabus? Because, if you start reading the newspaper frequently, you will come to see some important keywords that are already in your syllabus from the newspaper directly. In this way, it will be very useful for you to understand which topic is relevant to UPSC, and which topic we can leave. 

 For this, you need to get an idea about the UPSC syllabus. You need to take a printout and paste that syllabus copy to your desk. Then whenever you’re starting your UPSC preparation, you have to go through this syllabus. Also Read: Branch Manager Salary, Course, Fees, Career in 2022

2. Understand the Pattern of UPSC Examination 

Especially for this UPSC or IAS exam, the examination will be at three levels: Preliminary, Mains, and Interview. In prelims, you will be having multiple-choice questions. And if you qualify for this, then you will be called for Mains. And in Mains, it will be descriptive. Descriptive means, you need to focus on even answer writing as well. And the last one is an interview, you’ll be called for an interview after passing the two.

These are the three levels of the UPSC examination. And you have to know which level is important, especially to see your name on the list. Also Read: How to Start Cold Storage Business in India in 2022 (How to Start UPSC Preparation from Zero Level)

UPSC Prelims Qualify Marks

If you’re getting 160 out of 200, you’ll qualify for the Mains exam. If you’re getting just 100 marks out of 200, then also you’ll be called for the Mains. There is nothing much change, if you’re getting 160 Or 100, just qualify. (How to Start UPSC Preparation from Zero Level)

UPSC Mains Qualify Marks

You need to get good marks in the Mains Exam. The Mains exam will be the deciding factor. You have to focus more on this Mains exam. Also Read: How to Start a Business in Metaverse 2022 (Full Guide) (How to Start UPSC Preparation from Zero Level)

3. Start NCERTs, Paper, News Analysis

You need to start UPSC Preparation with basics in NCERTs. You are having a list of NCERTs that you need to see. Normally, it is from 6 to 12th standards. For example, Geography, History, Polity, Economy, Environment & Ecology. 

Why am I saying to read NCERTs? Because already you’re having zero knowledge regardless of UPSC. But to understand the concept, these are the basic books, and also government sources as well. And these NCERTs are very important to clear your concepts. And you can even get Prelims and Mains exams questions from these NCERTs. 

And later on, you have to start reading the newspapers. Newspapers are very important. Because you need to also focus on Current Affairs. Current Affairs are important for your Prelims, Mains, and even in the Interview. You will get questions from Current Affairs. You need to follow one newspaper. Also Read: How to Start EV Charging Stations Business in India 2022?

You need to also start watching News Analysis. For example, DD News, BBC, and Rajya Sabha TV analysis. That will be very helpful to get some important points of insight into what is happening around us. But you should not spend hours and hours in the newspaper. You should spend only a limited amount of time. Like, one and a half hours in Current Affairs. 

4. Video Lectures for UPSC

After reading the basic NCERTs, you will have some ideas. But to write the answers to your Mains exam, you need to follow some video lectures. For example, you’ve to follow the Video Lecture series on different subjects. You can understand the concepts clearly from Video Lectures. (How to Start UPSC Preparation from Zero Level)

5. Standard Books for UPSC Preparation

After that, you need to start your standard reference books. There are some standard reference books, for example, for politics we have Lakshmi Kant, and for history, especially modern history, we have Bipan Chandra and Atlas spectrum, and for Economy, we have Ramesh Singh. For all subjects, we are having some standard reference books, and you have to read these books. 

6. Selection of Study Material

If you go to the nearby market, you will get several bookstores. In bookstores, you will have bundles of material. Don’t bring all those materials which are available in different bookstores. Try to keep your study Material limited. Also Read: Top 4 Best Cultivation Business Ideas to Start

Because, if you read one topic from five books, it is a waste of your time. If you’re keeping only one source, which is very much better, and it is providing the best information. And if you’re revising the same topic 10 times, it is very, very useful. And it will be useful for your long-term memory as well. And you can represent yourself very well in your exam, rather than studying the same topic in 5 to 10 books. 

7. Help From A Mentor

Mentor help will be very important. And that mentor will guide you to reach your goal. And this mentor continuously monitors your progress, where you’re going, wrong, or in the right way. If you have any doubts, those doubts will be cleared by this mentor. Mentor support is compulsory. (How to Start UPSC Preparation from Zero Level)

8. Time Management Plan for UPSC Preparation

Why do we need to talk about Time Management? Because you already know that the syllabus for UPSC is very vast. You have to come to GS1. And in GS1, you will be having History, Geography, and Indian Society. And you know it contains International Relations and Social issues. 

And in GS, you will have a wide range of subjects, like Economy, Science & Technology, Environment, and Disaster Management. Also Read: 5 New Best Business Ideas with Low Investment 2022

And in GS 4, you will have Ethics, Integrity, and aptitude. And apart from that, you need to choose your optional subject. (How to Start UPSC Preparation from Zero Level)

The next important thing is you will also need to follow your essay. You need to practice this essay. And for all this stuff, you will be having a very limited time. You need to come up with proper time management. Proper time management is very important for starting UPSC preparation. 

9. Join Test Series

Just reading and leaving it is not at all useful. You have to join any test series. Why am I saying to join the test series? Because, if you are reading any topics, and if you’re not practicing questions, it means you might be missing something. If you’re practicing questions, then you can see several good things that can appear in this test series. Whatever the things you might have missed will be covered in this test series. 

How to Start UPSC Preparation from Zero - Investocker
How to Start UPSC Preparation from Zero – Investocker

You will be getting another dimension that you can think of in this way also. Joining tests is very important to analyze whether you are going on the right track or not. And this test series will also give an idea regarding how these questions will be upgraded to UPSC Prelims and even Mains. Also Read: Top 3 Best Toy Manufacturing Business Idea for Villagers

The Test Series will help us to understand the standard of questions and it will be very much helpful to practice eliminating techniques, especially in these Prelims. We can’t directly enter the UPSC examination hall and we can’t try the elimination techniques there. 

Before that only we need to be well prepared on how to use these elimination techniques and how to identify the correct answers. To practice all those things, we need to join the test series. (How to Start UPSC Preparation from Zero Level)

10. Start Answer Writing Practice

We need to start writing answer writing practice. As I mentioned, the Mains Exam is very important. To get good marks in the Mains, and if you want to see your name in the final list, you need to focus on the Answer Writing Practice. 

When to start the Answer Writing Practice? Whenever you start your preparation, after just one month of preparation, you can start the Answer Writing Practice. If you look in the NCERTs, there are questions after the end of every chapter. There you can get the questions and start writing answers. Also Read: Bank Jobs vs IT Jobs, Which is Better, Full Comparison 2022

11. Revision of UPSC Syllabus

Before two to three months of your Prelims exam, you need to focus on this Revision. Revision is very important. Without revision, you can’t remember anything. Not only before two to three months, Whatever you are reading for every one week or every 15 days or every one month, but you also need to keep a certain time like two days or three days, you need to revise whatever you have studied. 

Revision is an important key to success. Many aspirants do not revise, they will keep going on studying new things. Revising whatever you have studied, isn’t a waste of your time. Without Revision, you can’t recall everything in your examination hall. If you’re not recalling the things you have studied, that is a waste of your time and a waste of your attempt. 

12. Make Your Strategy for UPSC Preparation

Why do we need to focus on making our strategy? Because many aspirants continuously watch the strategy of toppers, Topper’s timetable, what they follow, what they don’t follow, everything. But you will mainly miss on your weaknesses and strengths. You need to focus on your strengths and weaknesses. If you identify your weaknesses, you can spend much more time on them. 

Based on your Strength and Weakness, you need to come up with your Strategy. You should not blindly follow any other topper’s strategy. Also Read: Top 10 Best Cities for Colleges & Universities in India

These are some important steps that you need to follow to Start UPSC preparation from zero level. I hope this information will be very helpful to understand how to start UPSC preparation from zero level.

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