Top 3 Best Toy Manufacturing Business Idea for Villagers


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Toy Manufacturing Business: Nowadays the youth living in the village run towards the city to start their business so that they can earn good profit from their business. Let me tell you that there are many options for starting a business in the city, but there are more options to start a business in the village than that.

Now the question arises which business should be started in the village, which will prove to be more profitable. Today we are going to tell you about the “Toy Manufacturing Business Idea”, which you can start in the village. In this, you can earn a good profit by investing less.

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Today everyone is making a good profit by running the business of making toys. This business is very easy to start. There are many types of toys, such as Plastic Toys, Soft Toys, and Cloth Toys.

So, let’s know how you can start a Toy Manufacturing Business. First, let’s see which machines you will need. Generally, three types of machines are used in the Toy Manufacturing Business.

  1. Injection Molding Machine
  2. Blow Molding Machine
  3. Industrial Sewing Machine

1. Injection Molding

In the Plastic Toy Business, using Injection Molding can make a good quality product. This process allows toys to be easily produced in different sizes, designs, and colors using different molds and masterbatches. Also Read: Top 10 Best Cities for Colleges & Universities in India

In this process, the raw material is put into the hopper installed in the machine. Then slowly turning the screw, this raw material is sent to the heater. Plastic becomes liquid when heated. This liquid is then injected into the mold through a nozzle. After this, the plastic takes the shape of the mold, and when it cools down, then it is taken out.

Product From Injection Molding Machine

Talking about the product, you can usually manufacture rigid toys with an Injection Molding Machine. And with the help of an induction molding machine, you can manufacture cars, toy guns, and puzzle toys in a good way. (Best Toy Manufacturing Business)

Investment in Injection Molding Machine

To setup an injection molding machine in your Toy Manufacturing Business, you will have to invest around 13 to 14 lakh rupees. And you can make this amount back from your business within a few years, or maybe less.

2. Blow Molding

The hollow and flexible plastic toy product is produced by the blow molding process. With the help of blow machines, you can manufacture plastic bats, balls, stumps, hockey, and toys. To make the product, HDPE granules are first put in the hopper, and a masterbatch is used to give different colors.

Through the hopper, the raw material passes through the screw barrel to the heater. Where it gets converted into raw material paste. Now, this paste is poured into the mold. You can get the mold made from the manufacturer according to different toys. Later, with the help of a compressor, the paste is blocked, and this paste takes the shape of a toy according to the mold.

Product From The Blow Molding Machine

If we compare injection molding with blow molding, there is less pressure in this process. This is the reason why more rigid toys cannot be produced with good quality using this method. With the help of this machine, you can make about 960 bats daily. This means you can produce about 24 thousand bats every month.

Investment For Blow Molding Machine

Are you wondering how many laborers will be required to run this machine? One skilled worker and two unskilled laborers are required to operate this machine. And the price of a blow molding machine ranges between Rs 12 to 14 lakhs. (Best Toy Manufacturing Business)

3. Industrial Sewing Machine

If you want to make toys like teddy bears by hand and using a semi-automatic machine, then you can make that too. You can use a Sewing Machine to make the toy by hand. This type of toy mainly uses cloth, and these toys fall under the category of soft toys. Soft toy making is a business that women can easily start at home.

You do not need a huge space to make a soft toy. You should have a 500 square feet area. Also, you will have to arrange for electricity to run the machine. Also Read: Top 5 Best Jobs Based on Communication Skills

Product From Industrial Sewing Machine

The soft toys production process is very easy and simple. Basic steps include pattern, paper cutting, sewing, eye, and nose pinching, stuffing, back closing, and finishing. With the help of this machine, you can produce soft toys of teddy bears, birds, and animals. Soft toys are toys that are liked by people of any age, especially children and young girls.

Investment in Industrial Sewing Machine

To buy a Sewing Machine, you will have to invest around 20,000. By the way, toys in India can be divided into different parts like plastic toys and soft toys.

License for Toy Manufacturing Business

First, you have to register your business. Apart from this, MSME Udyog Aadhaar will have to be registered online. You must obtain an IEC code for importation. And to protect your business from fire, you have to arrange for fire safety. (Best Toy Manufacturing Business)

How did you like this toy manufacturing business idea? Do let us know by commenting. And if you have any other ideas in your mind then write us in the comment.

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